Big Tent Joins The Prestigious Bridge Alliance Network!

Big Tent is delighted about becoming a member of the Bridge Alliance. Why? Because we share the same core values.  Like us, they’re dedicated to empowering American citizens and working across the political divide to take on this nation’s greatest challenges.  We’re also excited about collaborating with the 65+ world class organizations that belong to their network.  We are already in discussions with several new partners and look forward to rolling out a series of joint initiatives over the next year.  To learn about the Bridge Alliance’s amazing work just click here.

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Tired of Political Spin and Bullshit? Here's How to Break the Cycle.

My father had a plaque on his desk when I was growing up that read “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!”

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We’re Building a Platform to Make Sure Mainstream Citizens Are Heard

The short video below walks through how we’re planning to change America’s economic trajectory – moving us from gridlock to shared prosperity.  It’s based on lots of great research and online best practices, but we need your feedback to make it even better.   We also encourage you to share it – the more people who kick the tires the better!

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Announcing "Beyond Our Differences"!

Click on the logo below to visit our contest site and learn how easy it is to participate!


We're inviting Americans to share their stories
about getting things done despite our differences.  Whether it's
political, religious, racial or even just a passionate sports rivalry
- we want to hear how you were able to bridge a divide at home, at
work or in your community.  It's time the folks in Washington see
what's possible when Americans work together.

Don't have a story to share right now?  Make sure to check out the
current submissions, vote for your favorites and get inspired!

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Big Tent Nation Progress Report


The Big Tent team does regular status reports – and we think it makes sense to share them with you.  Below is our current version – it covers everything from what’s going well to what isn’t – the good, the bad and the ugly.  We’re in this together so we’ve left out the spin and sugar coating.  Plus the door is always open for your input – so if you have any ideas, comments or concerns we want to hear them! 

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