Event Recap: Beyond Our Differences Video Contest

Earlier this year, Big Tent Nation hosted a virtual event celebrating Americans coming together – at work, home, and in their communities – to get things done despite political or ideological differences.

“Beyond Our Differences” collected video entries from around the country highlighting relationships that thrive because of our differences. Submissions included neighbors discovering what they had in common despite sitting on different sides of the political aisle, colleagues working together every day and overcoming opposing views, and old friends maintaining a friendship even though they held different views on music. The event gathered winning examples of how citizens can break the gridlock mentality that’s so pervasive in Washington.

After all, our politicians may not be willing to work together, but ordinary citizens do - every single day. We can't afford to let our differences stop us from getting the job done at home, at work, and in our communities. Thanks to all who participated in Beyond Our Differences and helped show our politicians how it’s done - and helped heal America in the process. 

Check out some of the submissions!

Looking for more inspiration? These historical friendships give us all something to aspire to:

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