Announcing "Beyond Our Differences"!

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We're inviting Americans to share their stories
about getting things done despite our differences.  Whether it's
political, religious, racial or even just a passionate sports rivalry
- we want to hear how you were able to bridge a divide at home, at
work or in your community.  It's time the folks in Washington see
what's possible when Americans work together.

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current submissions, vote for your favorites and get inspired!

This has been a brutal campaign season, but it’s not a full reflection of the America we experience every day – at home, at work, at church and in our neighborhoods.  We’re better than our politics and it’s time to prove it.  That’s why we’re hosting the Beyond Our Differences contest - to celebrate Americans who get the job done and care about each other despite seeing the world differently.

We’re inviting all Americans to make a short video about their most “unlikely friendships” – or share a picture with a quick caption.  Tell us how you make your relationship work and what it means to you.  We’re not looking for Oscar worthy stuff – we’re looking for authentic and real.  Your cell phone is the only technology you need.  We also don’t expect that you’ve split the atom or cured cancer – in this crazy, polarized world just having people with different perspectives getting along is inspiring enough. Whether your differences are political, religious, ethnic, racial or even involve a heated sports rivalry – we want to hear from you.

Why do we think your participation can make a difference? Because your stories will challenge the toxic partisan narrative that’s dominating the media and fueling political gridlock.  The truth is, your country needs you right about now.  Don’t have time to submit something today?  No problem – just visit the contest site and check out the inspiring stories posted by your fellow citizens and vote for your favorites. Click on the link below to get started.  It’s time for Americans who respect differences, value improbable friendships and serve their communities to stand up and be heard!

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