How We're Helping Weave Community During Crisis

Big Tent Nation is proud to be a supporter and advocate for Listen First and the latest crucial initiative to bring Americans together: #WeavingCommunity during crisis

This pandemic can either drive us apart or it can drive us together. National Conversation Project’s 300 partner organizations invite Americans to weave a stronger community, especially now.

Learn more here or participate on social media with #WeavingCommunity.

Big Tent Nation has long been a sponsor and supporter of the ListenFirst Coalition, and came on board to help create the annual National Week of Conversation in 2018. This effort grew into the ongoing National Conversation Project. National Week of Conversation 2020 was scheduled for April, but the coronavirus pandemic with its accompanying isolation and fear necessitated an immediate response. National Conversation Project’s hundreds of partners are now dedicated to #WeavingCommunity during crisis.

We join with our 300+ partners in the ListenFirst Coalition to call all Americans to do what they can to be weavers, rather than rippers, of the seams that tie us together and link our fates. Together, we can do more and shape the future we want to live in.

How will you weave community where you are?

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