Bridging Divides One Talk at a Time through the National Conversation Project


In the spring, Big Tent Nation served as part of the committee to launch the first National Week of Conversation, bringing Americans from all walks of life together in dialogue in over 300 facilitated conversation events around the country. Based on the inspiring success of this initiative, we're excited to supportĀ the National Conversation Project, which will bring the mission of "listening first" year-round.

As a project of the Bridge Alliance Education Fund, the National Conversation Project (NCP) seeks to mainstream conversations across divides in which we listen first to understand. NCP will invite people of all stripes to connect with one another, develop relationships, and revitalize America together. Imagine the local and national impact of people in every region of every state participating in these conversations both face-to-face and online to span geographic divides. NCP will execute a robust traditional and new media campaign to continually increase the number and diversity of voices in the conversations. Tangible impact will be measured and tracked by active engagement metrics, social listening, sentiment analysis, pre and post conversation surveys, and national surveys to quantify the mending of our frayed social fabric. NCP will also be positioned to respond to current events and crises with immediate conversation opportunities.

As a Conversation Advocate, Big Tent Nation is pleased to support this important initiative and be involved with future National Weeks of Conversation, anchoring the efforts of the year-round NCP.

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