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Big Tent Nation can't achieve anything without a powerful, dedicated community to make it happen - we need your input and hard work to develop a platform that will support Americans in identifying, discussing and understanding the complex issues we face - and to come together to work on solutions.

Broad based prosperity is the promise of our American democracy, but we're not doing a very good job achieving that promise. As we struggle to work together and understand one another, we can use our differences to identify experiments in the essential prosperity drivers of K-12 Education, Infrastructure, Innovation, Right-sized Government and others, and share our experiences in implementing those proposed solutions. We can learn from our successes AND our failures... but first we need a way to engage with one another that facilitates a true collaboration.

Let us know what you think - where we should focus in building the community and platform, how we can move forward most effectively, and how you would like to help get there.


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