The 2019 Civvys are Coming!

Believe it or not, it's already almost time for the annual American Civic Collaboration Awards, or the Civvys, to open nominations. This will be our third year celebrating collaborative, high-impact efforts across the nation, and we are so excited to learn more about organizations and individuals doing this kind of work. 


So what do you need to know? Here's some key info if you're thinking of nominating yourself or others.

When do nominations open?

Nominations will open June 17 and close July 12, 2019. 

What are you looking for?

Since its inaugural year, the Civvys have highlighted outstanding efforts of civic collaboration making impacts in National, Local and Youth communities. 

We are looking for a range of projects, programs and people that use civic collaboration best practices to achieve real results in facilitating dialogue, enabling cross-partisan action, or putting civility and community above ideology. Here are some of the criteria the awards committee will consider:

  • Collaborative practices. To what extent does this work use civic collaboration best practices to achieve results?
  • Impact. Who has this work had an impact on, and in what ways?
  • Scalability. Is this work something that can easily be expanded to have a greater impact? Is it something that can appeal across geographic regions, or be used to effect change in other civics topics or challenges?

What are the award categories?

We will announce winners in three categories:

  • National: These projects are nationwide in scope and audience.
  • Local: These projects are designed to serve a local, state or regional community.
  • Youth: These projects have a focus on children, teenagers or young adults.

Who is on the review committee?

We are delighted to have a review committee comprised of esteemed leaders in government, politics, community action, academia, business and nonprofits. You can see our review committee members here.

What do the winners get?

On top of the prestige of joining a group of illustrious civic projects, and the chance to get your work in front of leaders in the civic engagement and democracy revitalization fields, winners and finalists will be celebrated in an awards ceremony at the National Conference on Citizenship in October 2019. 

Who are previous Civvys winners?

Check out all the previous winners at And, read some interviews with last year's winners:

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