What We're Reading - February 2019


Is it late winter? Early spring? Either way, with the first month of the year and the State of the Union behind us, we're digging into some data, some big ideas, and some hopeful stories to carry us through the next few months of political and economic news. Check our what we loved reading in February:


The Politics of Belonging

The Guardian reports on a London borough bringing people together to work, socialize and dream, creating a strong community woven together with a “politics of belonging” that can combat demagoguery and division.

A Big Idea for Weathering Financial Storms

Through the group Northern Initiatives, a community in Marquette, Michigan came up with a collaborative, innovative system for surviving financial struggles like the recent government shutdown. Could this be replicated across the nation?

The Power of Local News

A new study finds that “residents are less informed, less engaged in their communities and less influential with their legislators in cities where polarized national news sources are replacing shuttered local newspapers.”


How To Argue Smarter

How can we make our differences work FOR us? "Cognitive diversity makes a group smarter,” says the Harvard Business Review, and offers some tips to argue more productively.

So We’re In Agreement!

The latest analysis of public priorities from the Pew Research Center finds that over 50% of both Republicans and Democrats agree on 7 areas that ought to be prioritized this year: the economy, health care costs, education, terrorism, social security and medicare, and jobs.


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