Are you guys totally naive?

I can’t see anything changing our toxic political environment.  What makes you think Big Tent can make a difference?

We’re a little crazy, but not naïve.  We’ve done extensive research on what drives politics and economic strategy in this country.  The insiders with a stranglehold on American decision making want us to believe that mainstream citizen engagement is a waste of time.  However, history tells a very different story – and we’re not talking ancient history.  Even in the current toxic environment, big things happen when ordinary citizens come together and speak out.  The problem isn’t that citizens have no power, but that expressing it is too hard.  That’s exactly where Big Tent comes in.  We’re radically streamlining the civic engagement process so that you can express yourself without having to take a day off from work, skip dinner or pitch a tent!  If you haven’t had a chance yet – look at this video and learn what we’re building.