Addressing Your Toughest Questions

We don’t believe in softball questions – and you shouldn’t accept softball answers.  So we’ve decided to skip the usual boring FAQS and instead feature the toughest questions we’ve ever been asked.  It’s the hard questions that really matter – that require a clear articulation of our thinking and how we plan to succeed.  Think you have a tougher question than the ones listed here?  Submit it at the bottom of the page and maybe you’ll make the list!

Who are you?

Who runs Big Tent Nation? Is this a front for a political party or candidate?

We’re the real thing – an independent, nonprofit organization focused exclusively on making it easier for mainstream citizens right, left and center to impact America’s economic future.  We exist only to serve the Big Tent community - and if you ever think we’re not walking the walk just call us on it.  We always welcome comments, questions or concerns - that’s why we have so many places on this site for your feedback!

Are you guys totally naive?

I can’t see anything changing our toxic political environment.  What makes you think Big Tent can make a difference?

We’re a little crazy, but not naïve.  We’ve done extensive research on what drives politics and economic strategy in this country.  The insiders with a stranglehold on American decision making want us to believe that mainstream citizen engagement is a waste of time.  However, history tells a very different story – and we’re not talking ancient history.  Even in the current toxic environment, big things happen when ordinary citizens come together and speak out.  The problem isn’t that citizens have no power, but that expressing it is too hard.  That’s exactly where Big Tent comes in.  We’re radically streamlining the civic engagement process so that you can express yourself without having to take a day off from work, skip dinner or pitch a tent!  If you haven’t had a chance yet – look at this video and learn what we’re building.

How are you going to get around the fact that mainstream citizens like me are just too busy to take on political dysfunction?

I care about this nation’s future, but I’m too busy to take on political dysfunction – that’s just unrealistic.  How do you plan to get around the fact there are only 24 hours in a day?

That’s exactly the issue Big Tent Nation was created to address.  Lobbyists and special interests work the system full time and are therefore able to roam the halls in Washington.  But our online platform is designed to level the playing field.  Big Tent Nation will make it possible to take meaningful action in just a click or two – whether it’s contacting your Congresswomen or forming a group in your local community. We’re designing Big Tent so that if all you’ve got is five minutes to spare you can still make an impact. Check out our Get Involved page right now and see how easy it is to join in!

What makes you think you can pull this off?

You seem like nice, well-meaning people – but what makes you think you can pull off something this big?

The truth is – we can’t.  Getting America on track for shared prosperity is beyond the reach of any one organization no matter how passionate or well-funded.  However, what we can and will do is provide a nonpartisan platform that welcomes people from across the political spectrum and gives them the tools they need to work together and drive change.  America has an unprecedented track record in pulling off big things when mainstream citizens come together – and the Big Tent team will work day and night to make coming together dramatically easier and more rewarding! 

What about the money?

It’s going to take real money to get this off the ground.  Where is yours coming from and how can you make sure money doesn’t corrupt Big Tent like it has our entire political process?

Where the money comes from matters – despite how many times politicians and interest groups deny it.  To make sure Big Tent Nation got off to the right start, all the seed funding came from our founders.  They’re ordinary citizens who are in no way beholden to political parties or special interests.  However, to realize the full Big Tent vision we need financial help.  We see small donations by mainstream citizens like you as being the most important source.  We’re also exploring grants from U.S. foundations who share our core values and are committed to nonpartisan problem solving.  We never have and never will accept funds from political organizations or special interest groups. Visit our donation center to see how simple it is to make an investment in American prosperity – anything you can spare is appreciated!

Have another tough question?

We respond to every question – and if yours is thorny enough we’ll add it to our FAQ list.