What about the money?

It’s going to take real money to get this off the ground.  Where is yours coming from and how can you make sure money doesn’t corrupt Big Tent like it has our entire political process?

Where the money comes from matters – despite how many times politicians and interest groups deny it.  To make sure Big Tent Nation got off to the right start, all the seed funding came from our founders.  They’re ordinary citizens who are in no way beholden to political parties or special interests.  However, to realize the full Big Tent vision we need financial help.  We see small donations by mainstream citizens like you as being the most important source.  We’re also exploring grants from U.S. foundations who share our core values and are committed to nonpartisan problem solving.  We never have and never will accept funds from political organizations or special interest groups. Visit our donation center to see how simple it is to make an investment in American prosperity – anything you can spare is appreciated!