It’s Time for Citizens to Really Get Informed - Not Just Withdraw Into Partisan Echo Chambers. Is That Possible? Yes, But Only if We Open Our Minds and Hearts a Little

Getting “smarter” is the opposite of being indoctrinated or taking what anyone says as gospel – it’s about challenging yourself, expanding your mind and being willing to explore diverse perspectives.

This approach is essential if America is going to have the informed citizens needed to address the profound economic challenges we face. The problem is that getting authentically informed right now is just too hard. That’s why we created Big Tent Nation.  Big Tent exists to put ideas from across the political spectrum at your fingertips and allow you to make up your own mind – free from partisan spin and self-serving sales pitches. How? First, by focusing exclusively on issues that authentically drive American Prosperity - and skipping the diversions political parties and the media use to distract us. Second, by sharing authentically diverse perspectives – rather than highlighting what matches our agenda and leaving out (or demonizing) the rest.  Tired of being told what to think?  Give us a try!

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