Hope Amid Chaos: Meet the Civvys Finalists


More than ever before, America’s future depends on working together. We need to celebrate the people and initiatives that leverage collaboration and creativity to strengthen communities, heal partisan divides and invigorate American democracy. That’s why we created the American Civic Collaboration Awards - or Civvys.

The 2017 American Civic Collaboration Awards finalists all exemplify what it means to embrace diverse perspectives and make a difference. Selected by a panel of civic engagement experts from over 50 nominations, this year’s finalists have achieved on-the-ground impact at the youth, regional and national level. We are pleased to honor them, along with all our nominees, at an awards ceremony and reception on Friday, October 20 at the National Conference on Citizenship in Washington, D.C. The winners will be announced in a post following the awards ceremony.

"As we continue through the uncertain times ahead, we will choose to continue to demonize each other or we will choose to lean towards each other and learn to work together. These American Civic Collaboration Awards shine a light into the chaos to provide hope. We are working to increase collaboration and kindness in our civic lives.”  Debilyn Molineaux, Bridge Alliance Co-founder. 

We’d also like to extend our sincere congratulations to all Civvys nominees, each of whom is harnessing teamwork to help overcome polarization and foster civic renewal.

View the finalists:

2017 Civvys Finalists


  • Convergence Center for Policy Resolution
  • Sam Novey, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
  • State Legislative Leaders Foundation, National Institute for Civil Discourse & National Foundation for Women Legislators
  • Essential Partners
  • Peter Weichlein, USAFMC
  • Liz Joyner, Village Square
  • Ken Nwadike, Free Hugs Project


  • Craig Freshley, Make Shift Coffee House
  • New Hampshire Listens
  • Alabama Media Group
  • Bob Heisse and Chuck Hughes
  • Amy Curran, Generation Citizen
  • Pedro Silva, Living Room Conversations


  • Student PIRGS
  • Bridge The Divide
  • Montevallo Junior City Council

The Civvy awards are co-sponsored by the Bridge Alliance and Big Tent Nation - organizations dedicated to bringing people together from across the political spectrum to address and resolve America’s greatest challenges.

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