Take the Broad-Based Prosperity Pledge.  If you agree with the statements below it’s time to step up and be counted!

The Convictions Big Tent Nation Members Share:

  1. Prosperity Matters

    That broad-based prosperity is inseparable from American strength, values and long term security.

  2. Prosperity is Under Siege

    That broad-based prosperity is under siege and addressing this dangerous situation must be a top political and societal priority.

  3. No Side Has All the Answers

    That no “side” has all the answers to the highly complex and evolving challenges we’re facing.  Because of this fact, we are open to principled ideas from across the political spectrum – right, left and center.

  4. Civility and Respect

    That we must commit to civility and mutual respect.  Collaborative problem solving requires that we honor our differences - and is derailed when we allow what divides us to overshadow what we share.

  5. Citizen Involvement

    That American success requires more mainstream citizen involvement in national economic decision-making.  Sitting on the sidelines and complaining just won’t cut it.  Big Tent Nation members therefore pledge to redirect 50% of the time they currently spend feeling frustrated about politics to taking small steps toward making this country stronger and more economically inclusive.

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