The "West Point of Capitalism" Puts Out a Plan to Help Small Business and Mainstream Citizens Prosper

The Harvard Business School doesn’t have a reputation for being touchy feely.  They’re all about research, facts and figures.  That’s why it means something when they come out so strongly for making the U.S. economy more free and fair for the little guy.

They’ve also come up with the best definition of economic competitiveness we’ve ever come across.  Here it is: "A nation is competitive if it creates the conditions where two things occur simultaneously: businesses operating in that nation can (1) compete successfully in domestic and international markets, while (2) maintaining and improving the wages and living standards of the average citizen." That’s a litmus test worth using again and again to access policy proposals and evaluate the performance of our politicians.  It’s also a test that America is failing right now. Here’s a link to the full report titled “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided”.  It isn’t a quick read, but it’s really thought provoking and full of insightful graphics.  We know you care deeply about the American Dream – and this is a great opportunity to do some patriotic reading!

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